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TransUrdu, a Karachi based English to Urdu translation service, where all translation work is performed manually. Word for word software processing results in inappropriate contextual/cultural/linguistic accuracy and disordered syntax of your valuable translation. The confusion that results in such situation may require manual understanding & work sense to avoid it, that takes you back to source contents to work out again from scratch. Under manual solution approach, we serve wide range of translation fields & formats in both language pairs on various general, special, academic, legal, medical, technical, subtitles, verse & research areas / topics / subjects as well as website / software localization & more ...

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Our Singing (Untranslated)

This singing demo is pursuant to our determination of lyric, poetry & verse translation in both language pairs. Once fully loaded in a minute or two, it will play like a breeze.

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Our Singing (Translated)

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"Although there is no obligation in a free service, you can make it even better by thinking yourself obliged"

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"Life is a single piece of gift, shared amongst all living beings and this secret is revealed as one lives it"

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"Worrying is another trouble to resolve a trouble, but sometimes a necessity"

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Ayub Shaikh, Translator     Kulsoom Hashmi, ProofReader

Online Display

Free online display of your translation as a webpage, if desired.

Dual Choice

All target work available either in Urdu script or in transliterated English as per choice.


Our  free  online/offline  English to Urdu moderate dictionary is under development and coming shortly.

Free website /software localization for reputed companies & individuals. Offer subject to work size.

Versified translation of poetry is also available in both language pairs at as low cost as prose.

دوھری سہولت

انگریزی کے ساتھہ ساتھہ، آپکے ویب پیج میں حسب پسند اردو تحریر یا اردوکی رومن شدہ انگریزی بھی شامل کی جا سکتی ھے ۔


ہماری بلا معاوضہ ، اوسط درجے کی انگریزی سے اردو  لغت ، ترتیبی  مراحل میں  ھے اور جلد  دستیاب ھوگی

 شہرت یا فتہ کمپنیوں کی و یب سا ئٹ اور سوفٹوئر کا   مقامی ترجمہ   بلا معاوضہ کیا جا تا ھے ۔یہ پیشکش کام کے حجم سے مشروط ھے ۔


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